6 ways transgender women are helping deliver gender equality

According to a recent report from The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP), titled Hate Violence Against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) and HIV-Affected Communities in the United States in 2012, trans women encounter disproportionate amounts of violence relative to cisgender women: “53.8% of [25] anti-LGBTQ homicide victims in 2012 were transgender women and 73.1% were people of color.”

To attain its ultimate goal of an equal rights amendment, the women’s movement must rise from a coalition of diverse communities. It must include and accept all women, cis and trans gender, to achieve endgame. So far, the victories won with the help of transgender women are extraordinarily impressive, especially for such a marginalized community.

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rock on, ladies.

You go girls :)

As usual it’s the trans women getting shit done in a community that has no to little appreciation for them. These women are inspirations!

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I wanted to sleep a little longer so I set another alarm but didn’t turn it on so I accidentally slept through my first class whoops…..

let it burn.

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"I am the Avatar, you gotta deal with it!"

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ellie was such a different person at the end of the game 
she had seen so much

riley would have been so proud of her and ellie just wanted to rest, i think

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"I am the Avatar, you gotta deal with it!"

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"text me when you get home so i know you’re safe" kinda people are the people i wanna be around

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honestly if you dont think like, the tumblr feminist scene, with all the occasionalyl cheesy kawaii-aesthetic misandry art, hasn’t had an impact on anyone at all like

you dont remember what the average teen girl in a fandom was like before this. you don’t remember how…

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Sokka and his Moose Lion.


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hey nerds

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A famous explorer once said, that the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are. I’d finally set out to make my mark; to find adventure. But instead adventure found me. In our darkest moments, when life flashes before us, we find something; Something that keeps us going.

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Iggy Azalea and kraft singles

That pack of kraft cheese got more singles than she do tho.





Everyone promises you happily ever after…but life turns into a different kind of fairy tale.

bruh best movie ever

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